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Nordic Walking

Would you like to learn a sport that you can do alone or together with enough distance? Do you enjoy being in nature and would you like to exercise and do more sport again? Then Nordic Walking is just right for you!


What is Nordic walking?

Nordic walking is an active form of running with which the body is supported with a stick insert.

The methodical exercise series 7 Step consists of 14 movement exercises that result in the Nordic ALFA technique.

Click here for the 7 Step Method.

Who is Nordic Walking suitable for?

The is suitable for beginners, advanced and advanced skiers

7 step method to learn Nordic Walking and / or to change error patterns.

Advantage of Nordic Walking?

  • Posture improvement

  • Positive effects on the psyche

  • Burns 46% more calories than normal walking

  • Positive effect on the maximum oxygen uptake

  • Has a positive influence on back problems



  • Two Nordic walking sticks

  • Sporty shoes with good rolling characteristics and a grippy profile

  • Sportswear adapted to the weather


We would be happy to advise you on the various Nordic walking sticks.

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Nordic walking

Private lesson

  • 1 lesson x 60 minutes of personal attention

  • Opportunities to try out different Nordic Walking sticks

  • Instruction ALFA technique



CHF 140

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Nordic walking


  • 3 lessons x 60 minutes of personal attention

  • Instruction ALFA technique

  • Opportunities to try out different Nordic Walking sticks

  • Video analysis to improve gait pattern


CHF 350 

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We are recognized Nordic Walking providers.

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